PASS Storeroom

An inventory control system that records stock coming in and going out of the warehouse

Warehouse Inventory Control

Storeroom is designed as a simple stock management system that receives and sends out goods from the warehouse using barcodes and PDAs in real time or batch mode. It keeps a perpetual inventory and record of all transactions and provides low stock and valuation reports, a history of goods in, and out, multiple views of stock locations and products and includes the PASS stock check program for stock taking. It also includes barcode printing and a rental system for companies that hire out items.


The reports cover a wide range of views of the items in stock classifying them by stock type or value or sorting them by location or grouping. Immediate views of stock that is low and needs replacing integrate with settable minimum stock levels for each product or subset. This includes buffer stcok, bulk stock, stock on vans or items on loan.


Goods In and receiving

After goods are delivered to the warehouse receiving area they are barcode labelled and scanned using barcode printers and PDAs. If the items already have barcodes on them then these can be used instead of internal stock codes to save printing new labels. The system is therefore configurable to maximise the efficiency of the operation and to suit existing practices

Despatching Goods

The goods are scanned as they are picked and leave their warehouse location. They can then be held in a holding area in the warehouse awaiting pick up by external carriers. Alternatively they can be loaded straight on a van to the customer. The PDAs are used to record the despatch and reports show what went out by date and to whom.

Taking Stock

The PDAs are used to scan the stock labels on product and location and record the amount in each location. This can be done in batches and by several stock takers with PDAS to enable large numbers of items to be counted very quickly. All the PDA data is then integrated showing who counted it and when then variance reports between what was counted and what should be in stock according to the database are then produced. This enables fast identification of discrepancies and miscounts and recounts can be done quickly with the same PDAs so that the recounted data overrides the last count.