A quality control system to record tests and results on products or samples electronically

Setting up multiple tests for an item type

Different products types require different sets of tests. For example a food product might be tested for flavour and safety whereas an electrical appliance would be tested for power, functionality and electrical safety . The PASS QC system enables multiple tests to be set up for unlimited product types.

Speed of Recording results

The use of barcodes enables to eliminate and manual entry and paperwork which speeds up the whole process and cuts out transcription and human error with spreadsheets.



A large number of reports enable you to instantly identify problem areas with certain products.

Group views of the results

The screen views enable all the products of a given type to be grouped together and where there is a problem in a given batch, it is easy to see other products in the same date range or product batch.

Quick search

Where there is a problem with a given product returned by a customer, a quick search will reveal all the test data.

PASS Quality Controller Applications: