PASS Mailroom

A barcode control system that records and tracks internal mail coming in and going out

Capturing the data electronically

This can be done in either batch mode or in realtime to suit all location environments. PDAs are used to scan the barcodes on mail items and locations recording each movement with no paperwork involved. The central database receives the data as it is recorded and keeps a perpetual inventory and history of all mail for examination visually on screen or with printed reports.


The reports cover a wide range of views of the items classifying them by mail type or recipient or sender or sorting them by location or grouping. Undelivered mail, uncollected mail, proof of delivery, volume log, peak throughput times etc enabling you to streamline your mailroom system.


Email Advice

When the mail is received an email can be sent to the addressee advising of its arrival and requesting collection or advising imminent delivery to the recipient.

Tracking lost mail

The transaction history or every mail item will enable you to locate where it was last logged. If you know the tracking number then the search is quick and easy and will show the current location of the item. If you do not know it then you can search by recipient or date and look at the history of mail coming in to a given addressee.

Automatic recipient list updates

The recipients will change from time to time. In the case of a university or company with high staff turnover it may be necessary to completely replace the recipient database. This can be done manually or automated to link to an external file depending on the amount of changes needed. If the whole database needs replacing then the simple import template will enable you to put in the new list from an excel spreadsheet.

PASS Mailroom Applications: