PASS Event Manager

A secure system for ticketing management at events that have no access to the internet

Verifying tickets electronically with no internet

The typical environment for this system is where the tickets have been booked on line but the entry to the event is in a location where either there is no access to the internet or where the access is not secure. The PDAs are connected to the host with a local VPN and from there the host transfers the data to the ticket database and verifies in sub-second realtime.

A system to prevention fraud

Take for example a motorcycle event where entrance to the event is at several points around the track. A fraudster copies a friends ticket to gain access. The PASS system scans each ticket on entry and double checks that the same ticket has not been copied and used at one of the other entry points. All this happening in less that a second.


Speed and efficiency

Because the ticket scan and look up happens in real-time and very very fast, queues are reduced to a minimum.

Data analysis

The reports show the attendance recording the number of tickets scanned, and this can then be compared with the number of tickets issued. This enables catering and space requirements for future similar events to be calculated more accurately.

The Ticket issuers

The data can be passed back to the ticketing office and this will enable an analysis to be done and similar future event ticketing and marketing to be adjusted relative to visitor attendance and volume of tickets sold.

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