PASS systems for healthcare applications

Stores, Internal mail, Portable equipment and machines, Laundry and reusable items, Records and archives

Stores management

There are many stores in medical environments - pharmaceutical, laundry, ward stores, hospital stores, dental stores etc and all have a common factor - they receive and issue goods and need a re-ordering warning system to avoid running out. PASS storeoom achieves this with the use of barcodes and reports tailored to these specific needs.

Internal mail management

PASS Mailroom handles large amounts of mail come into healthcare institutions. Not all is important and there is a lot of unsolicited junk mail, however important deliveries like medical supplies for specific addressees, doctors or other staff need to be recorded, and their delivery to the recipient logged and signed for.The system uses barcodes, scanners and electronic signature pads in this solution.

Portable equipment and machine management

Small and large machines and equipment are constantly moving around from ward to ward or theatre to theatre or clinic to surgery. Asset Location Manager logs all the movements thus giving an overall picture of what is where at any given time and enabling easy allocation of equipment that has become free.

  • Speed

  • Safety

  • Efficiency

Laundry and reusable items

The issue and return feature in Asset Location manager is used to record reusable item movements enabling management to see instantly what is in store, what is in use and what is due back.

Records and archives

Asset Location manager can be used to control hospital document archives either on or off site. the files and archive boxes are barcoded and all issues to and from the archive warehouses are logged with barcode scanners. Multiple sites for the archives can be used

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