PASS systems for educational institutions

Internal mail management, Inventory management, Asset tracking

Internal mail management

Large volumes of mail come into universities and colleges and the PASS Mailroom system records all incoming mail and its internal distribution. This saves a lot of time trying to find out what happened to an individual parcel or mail item. Automatic emails are sent out to the addressees and electronic signatures are captured when the item is handed over either by collection in the mailroom or delivery by the internal mailman.


Asset tracking

Asset Location Manager records the location and value of all items of college property. This is particulary valuable for portable items issued to students on loan. This could be academic, sports or electronic equipment and it is similar to a lending library system with the added features that the exact location of all assets is always known and all movements recorded.

Stores management

The PASS Storeroom system manages multiple stores across the university or college sites. Whils Asset Location Manager is best for fixed assets, Storeroom is ideal for consumables like stationery, food and drink. All receipts and issues of the stock are recoded using barcode technology which makes the inventory management fast and accurate.

  • Speed

  • Safety

  • Efficiency

Library and Archive

Asset Location Manager is also used for history archives, recording the issue and return of boxes and files. So the same licence can also have a second database for the archive materials as well as one for the institutions equipment.

Multi site management

There is no limit to the number of college sites administered by the same single licence program. There is also a facility to view the items over the internet at no additional cost.This applies to Mailroom, Storeroom and Asset Location manager

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