PASS Systems for corporate management

Inventory management, Asset Location Management, Mailroom management, Quality control management, Event management

Inventory management

The PASS storeroom system is designed to manage small to medium warehouses across multiple sites and record all incoming and outgoin stock. The stock taking program enable very fast stock checks with barcodes and instant reconciliation with the database comparing what you have with what you should have.

Asset Location management

PASS Asset Location Manager logs and records the movement of all your assets whether fixed or portable. So laptops, phones, tablets vehicles are all logged to departments or employees and a record is kept whenever they are reissued or moved. The barcodes make this a very fast and easy system to use and considerable time is saved in tracing where individual or groups of items are located.

Mailroom management

PASS Mailroom records the receipt and delivery of all incoming and outgoing mail. The term 'Mail' can include a wide variety of items such as documents, parcels, product samples, parts etc.

  • Speed

  • Safety

  • Efficiency

Quality control management

PASS QC manager can be used to set up and record tests on samples or products. Each product type has its own set of tests and the results are recorded electronically using barcodes.

Event management

Where field events have no access to the internet or the use of the internet is not secure, the PASS Event tracking system enables data to be recorded and transferred to a central server using barcodes and a virtual private network of portable data capture units. Tickets issued on line for the event can therefore be scanned in sub-second realtime and access to the event controlled safely and eliminating the repeated use of a single ticket that has been reprinted.

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